Victory’s Clear Sailing CDX BN RE MH OA NAJ NF WCX HOF “Solo” 12/17/2001 - 10/27/2016

        Solo was something so very special, a dog that everyone who ever met her loved and remembered. She had an incredible temperament, perfect in every way. She never had an issue with other dogs or people and would ignore any possible confrontation in her unassuming way. She was the ultimate puppy raiser, loving all puppies, mine and others and taught many many puppies to swim over the years in her gentle “come follow me” manner. I will never forget her and am ever indebted to Helenmary and Neal for letting me have this special “litter” from their lovely Beckett...

GCH Victory Deep Blue Sea RA JH WC “Blue” 11/11/2005 - 4/15/2016

         What can we say about Miss Bluesey? She was lovely to look at and very entitled, "as it should be" she would say. She was my favorite show dog and we had a successful, fun show career together. She loved to show and I loved to show her off! She and her mother Solo gave me 4 living generations when Blue’s grandkids were born here, something I will always treasure. We went swimming and retrieving on her last day and she found a turtle and ate the whole dang thing, way to go Bluesey. I miss you my stunning girl...

CH Wingmaster Gale Force at Victory CD SH WCX “Gale” 11/23/2000 - 7/5/2011

       Gale was a girl scout. She was a delight to live with, a wise old comforting soul in a lovely dog body who came into my life when I needed her. She helped raise puppies and keep order in the house. She died of an ulcer from anti inflammatory drugs I gave her to make her feel better, I haven’t forgvien myself yet… I now have her great grandchild Dora and am very grateful for that, thanks Gale for everything, I miss your wise ways Miss Woosey…

CH Articsun’s Tellin A Tail of Victory SH WCX “Story” 11/20/2004 - 1/8/2010

        Everybody loved the “Storesman”, you certainly couldn’t miss him, he was BIG and BROWN with a rollicking flat-coat character. He accomplished alot in his short life as it seemed he was either undergoing or recovering from 3 major surgeries due to a foreign object (grass seed). None of that affected his outlook on life and I was lucky that he gave me my Blue before he left this world way too young. People still talk about Story to this day and that tells you what an incredible personality he was. I was lucky to have him in my life. 

CH Victory’s Attention On Deck CDX SH AX AXJ WCX HOF “AtEase” 3/10/1995 - 3/20/2009

     AtEase was a funny little dog with a funny little temperament, never bred from. She was a fun performance dog and liked to work. She was super athletic and loved agility best, though she was a nice marking dog with a good water attitude. She retired with 1 MH leg. She ended up going to Hawaii with Mark and blossomed as an only dog and helped raise his new family of 3 kids. I was sorry to see her leave, but it worked out great for her and she loved living out her long life on the beach on the north shore of Oahu ;-)         

CH Hy-Tymes Virginia Reel CDX MH AX AXJ WCX HOF “Ginnie” 10/25/1991 - 6/16/2007

     Ginnie came into my life on her 1st birthday and left me at 15 3/4. The day we got her was the best day of her life and mine, we were meant for each other and she took a huge piece of me when she left. She is another one that people in the hunting retriever world still talk about. She was an itty bitty brown retrieving machine, driven, stylish and fun to watch. I was always proud to be next to her at the line. She was devoted to me and I to her, I never would have left her side if I didn't have to. We shot a flier on water for her on her last day and she stuffed herself with venison sausage while we toasted her with champagne, a great end to a great life. I miss her every single day of mine…

CH Hy-Tymes Victory Peter Pan CDX MH MX AXJ WCX HOF “Flyer” 9/25/1993 - 5/23/2006

      Flyer woke up every day knowing that it would be a good day and that he would make new friends, I always said I wish I had his outlook on life. Flyer greeted everyone at the door by grabbing their sleeve and leading them in, he talked alot of new people into flat-coats with that endearing quality and love for life. Flyer was diagnosed with cancer at 8-1/2 and we amputated his leg. Flyer apparently never realized that and lived for another 4 years running, swimming and waking up every day with his classic joyful attitude. He was a tremendous dog and yet another one that people still remark on to this day. I’ve been blessed with some pretty incredible dogs and Flyer is right up there on the top of the list.

CH Hy-Tymes Even Keel UD TD SH AX WCX HOF “Kelly” 9/4/1990 - 3/1/2003

    Kelly was Mark's and my first flat-coat and what a way to start. She was an incredibly stable animal with lovely structure and pretty type. She introduced us to the dog fancy and I am enjoying her great-great-great grandkids today. Though we didn’t want a performance dog, she led us into obedience, field and the show ring and retired with 1 MH leg and 2 group placements, she also introduced me to some of my dearest friends which is really what this dog fancy is all about. Thank you Kelly, I owe you so much.

Cassie CD JH WC and Mandy CD JH WC - Golden retriever litter sisters 1986 - 1998 and 2000, respectively 

     The girls were my introduction to pure bred dogs. Bought out of the newspaper, they were fun and healthy and stable girls. They helped raise several litters of flat-coats and introduced me to obedience and field. Cassie was a fiery little red dog and Mandy was a much larger laid back model of Cass. Moo and Coo were their alias names and they were as sweet as they come. I loved them so.

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