Our Dogs

The girls at Home:

CH Victory Fair Winds N Following Seas CD RE MH WCX HOF “Cece

GCVictory’s Gone Sailing CD BN RN MH WCX HOF “Cruise”

CH Victory the Hills Are Alive SH WCX CGC “Julie”

Solo with two of her great grand-pups

GCH Victory’s Jelly Side Up CD BN RA SH WCX “Jelly”

Yonsaff Irresistible JH WC  “Bliss”

Victory’s Party Boat CGC “Party"

Victory’s Quidditch Seeker “Snitch” 

Victory’s Rock N Roll “Pink"

The girls with Friends:

CH Swallowsflight Freya-Gaia JH WC “Freya”  

 Jazz’d Rhythm N Blues at Victory “Jazz” 

                                                  Rowensgaard Rosa Bud “Lizzie”

The boys with Friends:

CH Flat Castle’s Blissful Blue Ocean CD BN RE MH10 WCX HOF “Dylan”

CH Flatterhaft Empires Never Last CD BN RA JH WC “Rider”

Flat Castle’s Happy Choco-Toff “Heath”

GCH Victory On The Wing RN NA “Flyer"


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