"Q” Litter



Birthday: December 12, 2018

Sire: GCHS Victory’s Just What the Doctor Ordered  CD BN RE SH NA NJP OAP DM DSX WCX “Doc” 

Dam: Yonsaff Irresistible RI JH CGC TKN WC “Bliss

Meet The Q" Kids: 

Victory Querida Natasha Widow (Miss Silver) “Natasha”  the Katz Family, Maryland

Victorys Quidditch Seeker CGC TKN  (Miss Purple) “Snitch”  Judy & Tracey, Maryland (major pointed)

Victorys Quite the Character (Mr Black) “Archer”  the Coury Family, Maryland

Victorys Quartermaster (Mr Gold) “Avon”  the Richardson Family, Maryland

Victorys Quicksilver On Ice (Mr Light Blue) “Sidney”  Sherie Coleman, Virginia

Victorys Quiet Storm Kona (Miss Pink) “Kona”  the Gavins Family, Maryland

Victorys Que Pasa? Rosalee (Miss Orange) “Rosie”  the Wellford Family, Virginia

Victorys Quaffle Catcher WC (Mr Yellow) “Keeper”  the Kurtz Family, Virginia

MACH Victory’s Quixotic Nature SH MX MXJ MJB XF T2B2 (Mr Red) “Nate the Great”  Mike Gallagher, Kansas

CH Victorys Quixotic’s Tilting at Windmills CDX NA NF (Mr Dark Blue) “Tilt” Kris Main, New Jersey 

Victorys Quintessential Fcr Leo (Mr White/Patch) “Leo”  the Wagner Family, Pennsylvania

CH Victorys Quiet Uptown (Mr Green) “Xander  Bari Tassinaro, New York

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