Victory News

We’ve decided on a lovely dog to breed Jelly to, fingers crossed! Go look at our future breeding page for more info

Cody and Don finish their CDX, whooo guys!

Storm and Diane finish their CDX with another High in Trial!!


Storm and brother Cody both have 2 CDX legs competing the same weekend, several states apart! They are Story x Cruisey pups!

Steve and Emma (Captain x Freya) have done some awesome work and earned a BN, RN, CD and JH and WC in the last year and I might have missed a trick title along the way!!

HUGE news from Orlando AKC Obedience Classic!! Diane and Storm were 3rd in a huge incredibly talented group of Novice dogs, we are so in awe of them. This is all the top top trainers and dogs in the country and they are third after winning a run off, huge CONGRATS!! 


To finish off the year Cruise finished her CD and now qualifies for the FCRSA Hall of Fame!

Cruisey and I finished her Master Hunter title on 11/5, I am so proud of her! She is our first GRAND CH MH!!


Sirius (Quaker x Cruise) and Liz kicked some butt in the breed ring this past weekend earning WD/BW for 5 points each day, WOWOWWW! Sister Party managed a 5 point major that same weekend, albeit, several thousand miles away ;-)

Porter (JoJo x Julie) and Helena earned their BN and got a Rally Novice leg, lovely work!

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