Health Issues

For general information on flat-coat health, refer to the FCRSA Health Page. We do have cancer in the breed which is something every puppy buyer should be aware of. I tell people life expectancy is 8-10, but young flat-coats are lost every year to cancer and you need to factor that into your decision to get a flat-coat. We do have some hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, luxating patellas, seizure disease and eye problems, but in general we do not have these diseases and allergies, heart problems, etc. to the degree that some of the other retriever breeds have.

I personally have had very good longevity up until 2019 when my luck ran out… I strive to keep that in my breeding program, but breeding is a crap-shoot and everyone should know that, too, and weigh the risks when choosing a breeder and a puppy. I try to breed to long lived pedigrees and then cross my fingers. We all do the best we can and I just want people to be aware when they inquire about the breed.

My personal dogs health histories can also be found on their individual pages and also 

While any “formal” health information on my litters is recorded on  I have also included it here for ease:

  • “A” Litter born 1995-03-10 01:27 (CH Grousemoor Daly Double UDX TDX JH OA HOF X CH Hy-Times Even Keel UD TD SH AX WCX HOF) — 4 boys & 4 girls

    1 lost to mammary cancer at age 5. All others lived to at least 9.  2 were 13 and we lost the last one, our own AtEase just after her 14th birthday.

    Of those that were x-rayed, they were good to excellent, no patella issues, one had a melanoma of the eye later in life, but no other eye issues.

    Temperaments in general were not as stable as I would have liked, none were bred from.

    Trainability seemed to be very good and some were quite successful in different venues.

    Daly was in double digits when he died and Kelly was 12 1/2.

  • “B” Litter born 1997-04-26 01:30 (BIS BISS Am/Can CH Foxvues Barque Drifter Bear CDX WC HOF X CH Hy-Times Even Keel UD TD SH AX WCX HOF) — 4 boys & 2 girls

    3 lost between 9 and 10 to various cancers. 1 lost at 11-1/2 to a different cancer. 1 died just after his 13th birthday and the last one died in Dec 2011 at 14 1/2.

    All 6 were x-rayed and had good to excellent hips. No patella or eye issues.

    Temperaments were generally very stable, though 1 was not quite as stable as I would have liked and was not bred from. 2 of the boys and Beckett were bred, the C and E litters are from this litter.

    Trainability was excellent and was passed on to offspring.

    Drifter passed away just before his 10th birthday and Kelly was 12 1/2.

  • “C” Litter born 2001-12-17 01:36 (CH Amani’s Windfall Magic CD MH WCX*** X CH Victory’s Beck N Call OA OAJ) — 1 girl

    We lost Solo at almost 15 on Oct 27th, 2016. She was here to see another litter of grand babies, but not gonna make another birthday, boy will I miss her… 

    No issues to report, she has all her clearances, her temperament is impeccable and her trainability, marking and water attitude is the best I have had. She developed punctate cataracts later in life, gonio unaffected.

    The D and G litters are from her.

    We lost Beckett to lymphoma just before her 10th birthday and Magic around his 10th birthday.

  • “D” Litter born 2005-11-11 01:39 (CH Articsun Tellin A Tail of Victory SH WCX X Victory’s Clear Sailing CDX RE MH OA NAJ NF WCX HOF) — 3 boys & 2 girls

    2 had benign histiocytomas as young dogs

    All 5 were x-rayed and cleared by OFA. No patella or eye issues. 1 has punctate cataracts, 1 gonioscopy affected.

    Temperaments seem to be fairly stable and several are working in different venues and are quite trainable

    All were alive and well at 8, but our own Blue was diagnosed with a pyometra so instead of puppies, she had to be spayed. Fortuitous as we found a nailbed tumor so took that off, it turned out to be a melanoma, but we caught it early and started the vaccine, fingers crossed for a good long life for our Bluesey! The H litter is from Blue.

    Wally was diagnosed at 8 1/2 with HS isolated in his elbow, so they decided to amputate, Wally did great for a short while and then we lost him to mestastize of the HS. We said goodbye to Trilby in April at 9 1/2 to mesothelioma. We lost our stunning Miss Bluesey in April of 2016 and Dear Mr Bingley just now in July. Gent hung in until early April 2019 and told us it was time.

    Story was just 5 when we lost him (see his page) and Mama Solo died just before her 15th birthday.

  • “E” Litter born 2005-11-12 01:41 (CH Victory’s Bird in Hand CD SH WCX X CH Wingmaster Gale Force at Victory CD SH WCX) — 4 boys & 3 girls

    1 had a benign histiocytoma. 1 has some digestion issues. 1 did better on no grain food.

    5 of 7 were x-rayed and all good or excellent. No patella issues. 1 has punctate cataracts and 1 is gonio affected.

    Temperaments seem to be stable and several are working in different venues and are quite trainable

    All alive and well at 8, but soon after Echo was diagnosed with IMT and we almost lost him. No cancer was found, but he did bloat after 7 days in the emergency vet so had his spleen out as a precautionary to the IMT. Unfortunately we lost Echo soon after that at 8 1/2 to what we think was a nerve sheath tumor.

    Miles (at 8 1/2) in CO has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, most likely benign, but inoperable. We lost Miles at just over 9 years old.

    Sad news, in August 2015 we lost Bailey to histiocitic sarcoma and in September we lost Summer to IMT. We lost Spirit in May 2016 to hemangiosarcoma, ugh

    We lost Daphne in September at almost 15 and happily celebrated Eve’s 15th birthday on 11-12!!

    Ben was almost 15 when we lost him and Gale was almost 11.

  • “F” Litter born 2007-09-15 01:43 (CH Spring Valley Moonstone UD MH WCX HOF X CH Wingmaster Gale Force at Victory CD SH WCX) — 4 boys & 4 girls

    So far, pretty good. 1 issue with a mild case of IBD, managing with diet.

    1 with one mildly dysplastic hip. Several others cleared with goods and excellent ratings.

    1 with a fatty tumor at age 2.5.

    Temperaments are very stable though one shows some signs of separation anxiety which I feel bad about.

    Trainability seems to be excellent and we already have CHs; Obedience titles including our first OTCH; Hunting Retriever titles including multiple WCXs, a SH, 2 MH, a Qual JAM, 1 Qualified All Age; Agility titles including a MACH and 2 in the HOF!

    Skye was diagnosed with a sarcoma in 2016, he was treated and is doing great!

    Sad news in July 2017, we lost our beloved friend Piper to hemangiosarcoma… 

    We lost our friend Captain in March 2018 and sadly lost sweet Scholar in June 2018 right after the Specialty. In the not such a good year category, we lost Fin in July 2018. Luckily we got to see Scholar and Fin in May. Sadly, we just lost Skye in August

    We let our wonderful CeCe go at 12-1/2. We lost Flash a month after his 13th birthday.

    Stoney was almost 14 when they lost him and Gale was almost 11.

  • “G” Litter born 2009-02-25 12:01 (Dutch CH Swallowsflight Raven Lion Lad NVK 07 X Victory’s Clear Sailing CDX RE MH OA NAJ NF WCX HOF) — 5 girls & 3 boys

    So far, everything I could ask for in that temperaments are delightful and everyone eager to work and play.

    Litter is on the small side overall, but structure and type quite good overall. So far 3 for 3 for Excellent hip rating and several others Good. 1 is gonioscopy affected.

    2 girls have vaginal strictures, 2 are fine, the other 1 girl has not been examined.

    2 benign histiocytomas, both on a foot, both went away.

    We did just lose our Gabby at age 5 to what the vet *thinks* was adenocarcinoma, but no pathology was done, in addition she had pyometra. We are devastated by this loss and have not had such an early loss since our A litter… Tragically and unbelievably, Splash was also diagnosed with adenocarcinoma, also at 5 and we lost her several months later. We are devastated by this news and can’t understand how this happens in such a beautiful litter with such good longevity in the pedigree. This is the kind of news that makes you think about never breeding again…

    We have CHs, others major pointed; Obedience titles; Hunting Retriever titles including multiple WCXs, a MH, multiple Qual JAMs, and Agility titles including our first MACH!

    Ezel was diagnosed with Cushings in December 2016.

    Tragically we lost Canyon so quickly to what was probably Malignant Histiocytic Sarcoma in June 2017

    We lost Sierra in February 2018  to IMT. 

    My wonderful Cruisey died in Feb 2020 just days shy of 11 to cardiac arrest, most likely to hemangiosarcoma of the heart.

    We lost Grace in Feb 2021 and lost fun loving Ezel in August 2022, both good long lives, but never enough! We lost wonderful Gabe Nov 2022, a lovely long life at 13 years 8 months, but of course we want more don’t we….

    Dad Naik was 11 when he died and Mama Solo died just before her 15th birthday.

  • “H” Litter born 2010-12-01 12:07 (CH Jazz’d Let the Sparks Fly CDX RE MX MXJ XF X GCH Victory Deep Blue Sea RA JH WC) — 3 girls & 6 boys

    So far, so good… 1 had 2 teeth fused together which threw off his bite and had the tooth extracted.

    Litter is on the big side overall.

    1 had a benign histiocytoma.So far all patellas are good. Julie had a lump removed off her ear in March 2017.

    Tempe bloated in March 2019, but made a complete recovery thank goodness. I have not had bloat before this

    Einstein bloated in Nov 2019 at a boarding kennel, luckily the staff recognized it and he made a complete recovery.

    We have GCH, CHs; Obedience titles and Hunting Retriever titles.

    Sadly we lost Trapper and Moose both at 9-1/2. Trapper was hemangiosarcoma dn Moose was histiocytosis.

    We got to see Daddy Sparks place 2nd and 4th in the 11+ classes in OR, but they lost him soon after that. We lost Miss Bluesey to Melanoma in 2016 at 10-1/2.

  • “I” Litter born 2011-12-09 12:09 (CH Bear Country Teddy End O’ Lane CD MH X CH Swallowsflight Freya-Gaia JH WC) — 3 girls & 8 boys

    all were CERF’d before they went home.

    Several very level bites

    1 has separation anxiety, but they seem to be solving that with diligence on the owners part… recently found another has separation anxiety also, also managed well. Overall not my most stable litter

    2 benign histiocytomas, 1 dog has had his second one. 1 is hypothyroid, see below also

    We have CHs; Obedience titles and Hunting Retriever titles.

    One very tragic story and very sad for us. Cash was euthanized by his owner who said he was “food aggressive”. I never had the opportunity to go get him and bring him here to evaluate and place which I absolutely would have done. She called me after he was gone. I am devastated that this baby was let go at just 17 months, it does go to show that once they leave your house, contract or no contract, we really lose control…..

    We were just notified that in June 2019 Storm could not keep food down and lost weight. The owners chose to euthanize him rather than do exploratory surgery which would have been the next step.

    Another sad day in July 2019, we were notified that Titus had a tumor on his elbow that was histiocytic sarcoma and as that is such an aggressive cancer,we lost him in early August, sigh, this is why breeding is so hard and sad.

    We lost Boston in August 2021 and lost Rex in March 2022 and recently we lost Rudder in Feb 2023…

    Teddy was lost just around his 10th birthday. Freya celebrated her 14th birthday and we lost her shortly thereafter, a great long life.

  • “J” Litter born 2012-01-16 12:12 (GCH/French & Intl CH Starworkers Dream On X CH Victory Fair Winds N Following Seas CD RE MH WCX) — 2 girls & 6 boys

    all were CERF’d before they went home, 1 is slightly affected gonioscopy

    1 has had an immune mediated reaction to a Lepto Vaccine (Morgan).

    2 very level bites

    1 has itchiness/allergies/food sensitivities that seems to be managed with the right food! 2 others had itchiness when younger, but seem to have grown out of it also.

    Very sadly we have to report that Tex has seizures. We were hoping it was as a result of Rocky Mt Spotted Fever, but brought him home here with us from April to Oct 2014. He was immediately put on grain free food and treated by a chiropractor who felt he had a pretty severe head injury. He has had one very mild seizure when we have had him and one mild seizure in his new wonderful home which he went to in Oct 2014. Since then his seizures have increased in intensity, but they are doing a fab job monitoring and controlling them. Unfortunately we lost Tex on Oct 20th to a seizure.

    Tragically we got the call 2 nights in Jan 2015 right before their 3rd birthday that Morgan had been hit by a car and killed, very very sad for us and his family. Unbelievably, Joey was also hit and killed by a car in October 2017.

    Cruise was fortunately able to attend his parents wedding, unfortunately had an inoperable spinal cord tumor and they let him go in July 2019.

    My beautiful and very special Jelly left us in Oct 2019 with hemangiosarcoma.

    We lost our friend Doc in May 2022 to what was probably hemangio of the heart.

    Roen was great until the end in May 2023 with a mast cell tumor and beautiful Bailey was let go in August of 2023 for an undetermined cause of lameness and discomfort…

    We have 5 GCH’s and CHs, several more are major pointed; Obedience titles and Hunting Retriever titles.

    Unfortunately Tupac was lost just before his 10th birthday. We let our wonderful CeCe go in 2020 at 12-1/2

  • “K” Litter born 2013-10-27 12:16 (CH Articsun Tellin A Tail of Victory SH WCX X GCH Victory’s Gone Sailing BN RN MH WCX) — 1 girl & 4 boys

    So far, so good… all were CERF’d before they went home. Several have been OFAd with great results

    Hitch has had a mass removed, but turns out that was nothing, whew!!

    Storm is hypothyroid

    1 undershot bite, 1 level.

    Hitch has primary glaucoma in one eye and they had that eye removed and he is doing well.

    We lost our friend Cody in November 2021 to cancer and Blue in Feb 2023 also to cancer.


  • “L” Litter born 2014-12-23 12:18 (Swallowsflight Kwipars Keen Kane X CH Victory Fair Winds N Following Seas CD RE MH WCX) — 2 boys by emergency C Section

    so far, so good… both CERF’d before they went home, one CH!

    We let our wonderful CeCe go at 12-1/2

  • “M” Litter born 2015-06-13 12:22 (CH Victory Flight to Riverwind X CH Swallowsflight Freya-Gaia JH WC) — 7 girls & 4 boys

    all CERF’d before they went home, Sweet Pea has some hemorrhaging in her right eye that we will monitor. Sweet Pea (Maida) has a small histiocytoma, something very common in young flat-coats. Sweet Pea has turned out to be completely healthy, yay!!

    Several have had clearances done and all look good so far!

    One has anxiety issues…

    Sweet Marnie died in October 2017 after complications from surgery for a foreign body… tragic for all of us.

    We have one boy, Deuce, who had a big seizure in February 2019 and with some testing, they found nothing to point to a specific cause for that seizure, so they have labeled it epilepsy… Unfortunately, sister Roxie also seems to have episodes that they are calling seizures even though they are different than Deuce’s, CBD oil seems to be helping with those.

    We lost lovely Roxie in September 2022, so suddenly, no idea she was sick, but full of cancer, so sad…..

    We lost Captain at 10-1/2 to what they think was liver cancer. Freya celebrated her 14th birthday and then left us a couple days later, nice long life.

  • “N” Litter born 2015-10-06 12:25 (GCH FlatOut Celtic Dream X CH Victory the Hills Are Alive SH WCX) — 2 boys

    I could not get their CERF done before they went home. Both boys will be done in their lifetime.

  • “O” Litter born 2016-01-11 06:51 (CH Blacktoft Tango JH WC X GCH Victory’s Jelly Side Up BN CD RA SH WCX) — 4 girls, 2 boys

    all CERF’d before they went home

    Keeping an eye on some instability in the litter to see if it is an age thing or not… 

    Flyer is hypothyroid.

    We lost Odessa at just 6 to probably a heart attack and we lost Flyer to Pituitary Adenoma at just 6-1/2.

    Tragically for everyone whoever knew him, we lost Tango just after his 4th birthday to an aggressive carcinoma involving his liver and pancreas…. We lost our beloved Jelly in Oct 2019 to hemangiosarcoma.

  • “P” Litter born 2016-10-20 12:28 (Casblaidd Quaker (UK) X GCH Victory’s Gone Sailing BN RN MH WCX) — 5 girls & 4 boys

    So far, so good… all were CERF’d before they went home, one boy has nuclear punctate cataracts which could be from an infection in the mother, not sure, but they typically don’t progress over their life.

    We’ve had some various health isses such as an undescended testicle, a possible cataract that is more than the nuclear one, weaknesses in patellas, food allergies and a possible auto immune disease, we are still checking all the puppies for better info.

    We have 1 GCH!! Several are major pointed in the breed ring and have JH legs, we have one JH and one SH WCX!! and two WC and Ms Penny is kicking butt in agility including getting her MACH!!

    Party had one benign histiocytoma that required removal in 2019. Party then developed histiocytic sarcoma and we let her go in August 2019, she was way too young and she was everything i ever wanted…

    Tragically we lost Buddy in September 2020. He had an un or misdiagnosed brain infection, but by the time it was correctly diagnosed, he just couldn’t recover. The Rockas’s are devastated and they did everything for him, its just sad and I am heartbroken also.

  • “Q” Litter born 2018-12-12 01:55 (GCHS Victory’s Just What the Doctor Ordered CD BN RE JH NA NJP OAP DM DSX WCX X Yonsaff Irresistible RI JH CGC TKN WC) — 4 girls, 8 boys

    So far, so good… all were CERF’d before they went home and had their first chiropractic adjustment 

    We have two from this litter with seizures, both had been using NexGard, but after the first seizures stopped the use. One (Sydney) has continued to have seizures and is on meds and the other (Rosie) had several, but its been awhile since her last one so we are hopeful with her….


  • “R” Litter born 2019-03-18 01:58 (CH Huntlane Lake Effect X GCH Victory’s Jelly Side Up BN CD RA SH WCX) — 4 girls, 3 boys

    So far, so good… all were CERF’d before they went home and had their first chiropractic adjustment 

  • “S” Litter born 2020-08-20 02:00 (GCH Victory’s Kodiak Grin And Bear It CDX JH WC X Yonsaff Irresistible RI JH CGC TKN WC) — 4 girls, 6 boys
  • “T” Litter born 2023-01-01 08:11 (CH (UK), Irish CH Clandrift Dark Legend JW KCWGC SDC SGWC X Yonsaff Irresistible RA JH CGC TKN WC) — 2 girls & 5 boys
  • “U” Litter born 2023-02-06 04:02 (BIS U-CH, MBPIS, Am/Can GCH Fleetwing’s Force of the Moon X Victory’s Rock N Roll JH RN CGC TKN WCX) — 2 girls & 4 boys
  • “V” Litter born 2023-08-13 05:37 (GCHB CH MACH Blazin’s Off Road Drive’N CD BN RA MXS MJS OF FCAT3 X GCH Swallowsflight Saturday Surprise JH WCX) —