Victory News

  • 2024 News

    A great way to start the new year!! Ella and Diana are being inducted into the FCRSA Hall of Fame this year, yahoo AND Nate (the Great) and Mike are also going into the FCRSA Hall of Fame. SUPER GUYS, we are SO very proud of you!!!!

    Miss Pink finished her CH in January, yay!!

  • 2023 News…

    Awesome new, Kris & Tilt are now OTCH!! a huge deal and we are so proud of them!!! Steve and Sarge got 2 MHU passes, yahoo!! Derby has her Piston babies on August 13, 6 girls & 4 boys! Kris Main & Tilt earn a perfect score of 200 in Utility B, wowweee… Mary &…

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  • Puppies everywhere!

    Bliss had her 7 puppies on Jan 1st and Pink is pregnant, we saw 6 on the ultrasound. Pink is due 2/6! Bliss puppy pictures can be found under Previous litters and is the “T” litter. Pink and Tide information is found under Future Litters.

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  • October 2022!

    Awesome news from Steve with Emma and Sarge! Emma is now a MHU13 which earns her her Master Upland Lifetime title and we believe she is now the highest titled flat-coat in AKC Upland! Baby Sarge also earned her first MHU pass, whoooooohooooo!!!! A GREAT day for littermates TILT and NATE from the Q litter.…

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    The absolute STAR at field was Maker & Daniel, 1st dog, 1st dog event, 1st water mark and we heard they were crackin in Unsteady Singles A, so PROUD of them! In field Nate & Mike made it to the 3rd series in the Qualifying FT, JAM’d Steady Singles and nailed the first series in MH…

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