October 2022!

Awesome news from Steve with Emma and Sarge! Emma is now a MHU13 which earns her her Master Upland Lifetime title and we believe she is now the highest titled flat-coat in AKC Upland! Baby Sarge also earned her first MHU pass, whoooooohooooo!!!!

A GREAT day for littermates TILT and NATE from the Q litter. TILT and Kris went HIT & HC today (10/15) in NJ!!!! This gives him the required firsts for his OTCH and adds to his list of HIT and HC, huge congrats!! NATE and Mike got his MACH2 (holy cow!!!!) and Premier Jumpers Title (PJD) today also, these teams are amazing, huge congratulations you guys!

We had a great WC/X test with Brady & Sandy (I litter); Emma (M litter) and Sarge (S litter) & Steve and finally Pink and Spirit & Judy all qualifying for their WCX!!