Summer 2021

Victory teams have been VERY VERY busy the last couple weeks…. 

Steve & Emma (Captain x Freya) are the 1st Victory Master Hunter Upland (MHU), yahhoooo!!

Diana & Ella (Quaker x Cruise) earned their 1st MH leg in CO!!

Kris & Tilt (Doc x Bliss) have their first 2 CD legs with two 198.5 scores!!!

Don & Peat (Cody x Bliss) earned their Championship AND their CD with placements!!

Jim & Penny (Quaker x Cruise) AND Mike & Nate (the great) (Doc x Bliss) made the top 10 list for flat-coats for the 2022 agility invitational, whooohooo!

In the Agility Powerscore ranking (these are the spped demons ;-)), Jim & Penny are #1 in 20”, Bobbie & Styx (Kane x CeCe)are #3 and Mike & Nate are #6 in 24”, Whooohhoooooo

Bari & Xander (Doc & Bliss) finish his CH with a Best of Breed, yahooo!!!! Here he is celebrating with his new friend the Aussie 😉 HAHA


Keeper (Doc x Bliss) takes a day off from therapy work with Jill to earn his WC with Bob!!! big congrats!

Kathy & Doc win BOB Owner Handler out of the Intermediate Hunting Retriever Class, yahoo such fun!! 


Jim and Penny (Quaker x Cruise) are the #1 flat-coat team in 20” agility  AND Bobbie and Styx are #2 team in 24” ranked by PowerScore, yahhoooo

Bari and Xander (Doc & Bliss) have been kicking butt in the show ring and won a major and several more single points ;-))

Kris and Tilt (Doc x Bliss) won another major to finish his CH with 4 majors and then went BOB the next day!!YAHOOO, BIG CONGRATS!!